Choosing Your Palette

I rely on the C2 Coatings Alliance palette almost exclusively for my color design work. The colors are complex and appealing, and the "magic" C2 decorator sample box makes the process of refining your choices flow easily as we move through the process. These palettes have all been used in recent projects, and reflect a marvelous range of color, light, and style. 


Heart of the home, there's a lot going on in kitchens! Cabinets, counters, appliances, cookware, and crockery are all on display even before you get to walls, trim, and extra features like a chair rail, wainscoting, or a plate shelf. Color choices can add to the general exuberance, or cool things down and set the stage for a sophisticated presentation. These palettes were all developed to work with specific features in each setting. Wall and trim colors are given in each palette along with selections to represent cabinets, tile, counters, or other important elements. 

Kitchen Design - Treadwell House, Hamden, CT


Cool greens and greys compliment existing teal tile and medium brown cabinets.

Kitchen Design - Water House, Spring Glen, CT


A striking orange-brown granite counter was the touchstone for this shady, west-facing kitchen that picked up the afternoon light. 

Kitchen Design - Beverly House, Spring Glen, CT


Tropical warmth brought out the personality of this family and brightens a north-facing kitchen.

Kitchen Design - Parsons House, Northampton, MA


The grey and blue in the floor tiles are brought into wainscoting and trim in this old-fashioned New England kitchen with a contemporary twist.

Kitchen Design - Scialo Home, East Greenwich, RI


This palette was developed to compliment a sleek contemporary kitchen design by Michael Gloor. Large blocks of cool citron accented the ultra-modern white composite cabinet faces, warm wood built-ins, and textured glass accents.

Living Spaces

Here are a some examples of palettes for specific rooms, and several whole-house palettes developed for rental properties. 

Dining Room Design - Water House, Spring Glen, CT