he Coatings Alliance - C2 Paints
Although it can be hard to find, C2 makes the best paints on the market. Their color palette is exceptionally well-designed, and I use it almost exclusively for color consulting. Read about the company here, and use their color tools here.

Tried & True Original Wood Finish
Tried & True is one of my favorite finishes for clear wood applications such as cabinets, doors, and trim. Combining 18th Century varnish-maker's techniques and natural ingredients, Tried & True is a durable, environmentally safe finish. Read about the Original finish here.

Vermont Natural Coatings
Who knew you could make a really great wood finish out of the stuff leftover when you make cheese? Well the scientists at Vermont Natural Coatings figured it out, and their Polywhey Natural Furniture Finish is the result. Find information about this and their other products here.



Sarah Strong - Anchor Plumbing

Tired of waiting for a plumber who never shows up? Call Sarah Strong at Anchor Plumbing: (203) 444-3819.

Chris Wuerth Restoration

Conscientious, quality carpentry and historic restoration.



Rhode Island

Steven DeMetrick Carpentry
Comprised of three brothers working together, the DeMetricks are hands down the best builders and cabinetmakers in southern Rhode Island. Read Steven's recent article in This Is Carpentry magazine here.

Gloor Design
I have worked with Michael on a number of projects over the years and am continually impressed with the sleek contemporary design creativity he brings to every project. His furniture shows a deep understanding of wood and texture and the subtle influence of Asian proportion. View the furniture gallery here



Benjamin Miner Fine Carpentry
Benjamin is a friend and a true "liberal arts" carpenter. He pairs sustainable design with exceptional quality for custom built-in cabinetry at reasonable prices. View the portfolio here.