New Rules From the EPA About Lead Paint in Your Home

If your home was built before 1978 there's a chance that you have lead-based paint somewhere in the house. This is a concern because lead dust can have serious health consequences - particularly for children and expecting mothers. In  April 2010, the EPA issued a new set of rules governing all contractors who perform rennovation work in homes built before 1978.  Referred to as the RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) Rule, it requires ALL contractors who disturb over six square feet of interior, and twenty square feet of exterior surfaces to be licensed to perform RRP work practices and clean-up procedures to ensure that the renovation work does not expose you or your family to hazardous lead dust. Licensing fees, training courses, and extra time and materials costs are a necessary result of these changes, but contractors are working to incorporate the new requirements into their businesses while minimizing the impact on prices. Whether it's a plumber or a carpenter or a painter, be sure to ask your contractors about RRP compliance and how it relates to your project.

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I am a fully licensed RRP Contractor registered with the EPA. I can perform on-the-spot lead tests in your home to determine whether lead is present in the areas where we intend to work. If lead is found, we will  develop a plan specific to your situation to ensure that EPA-approved procedures are followed to contain and remove any lead dust created during the project.

RRP licensed contractors are required to give you a copy of the Renovate Right Brochure from the EPA, which you can also find a the follwing link:

Read more about the RRP Rule at the EPA website

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